Inequality and what it does to India – P. Sainath at Brajamohan Sarma Memorial Lecture

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“Never in the history of India as an independent nation has inequality been so cynically constructed, so systematically engineered as it has been in the past 25-30 years,”
P. Sainath
Brajamohan Sarma Memorial Lecture

“As per NSS data, the income of a farming family from all sources is on an average Rs 6,426 per month, which is Rs 1,300 per capita income and the income of the main breadwinner in 75 per cent of rural families is Rs 5,000 or less per month. On the other hand, the percentage of crorepati MPs has gone up to 82 currently, from 32 per cent in 2004, as per their self-declaration of wealth in affidavits. Thus, the biggest growth sector in India today is the inequality sector,”

Speaking at the Vivekananda Kendra in Guwahati during the 13th Brajamohan Sarma Memorial Lecture, Ramon Magsaysay Award winning journalist P Sainath made several crucial observations about the nature and rise of inequality in India.

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