International Translation Day

International Translation Day

As September 30 is commemorated as International Translation Day, it is indeed a special day for PARI. Today, stories of PARI are available in 14 Indian languuages. As on date, over 620 original articles  have been translated in to 2260 stories in the following 14 Indian languages (click on the languages to view all the translations on the PARI website) 

 Urdu,  Odia,  Marathi,  Hindi,   Bengali,  AssameseTamil
Kannada,   Gujarati,  Malayalam,  Telugu,   Punjabi Mizo.

This audacious milestone has been achieved only because of the selfless and relentless effort put in by our pool of  70 over- enthusiastic translator volunteers. Here is a list of all the translators who have worked with PARI at some point of time, followed by profiles & photographs of few of the current translators. May our tribe increase!

Names of Translators:

Mohd. Qamar Tabrez, Team OdishaLIVE, Medha Kale, Smita Khator, Pankaj Das, Rashmi Rekha  Das, Kaushal Kaloo, Prasad Naik, P. K. Saravanan, Sarbajaya Bhattacharya, Chhaya Deo, Pallavi Kulkarni, Soniya Bose, Vishnu Varatharajan, Shouvik Panti, Chilka, Rajaram Tallur, T Neethirajan, Shailaja G. P, Sananda, Kavitha Muralidharan, Santosh Tamrapani, Ashwini Barve, Pratishtha Pandya, Jyotsna V, Ruchi Varshneya, Dhara Joshi, UshaTuraga-Revelli, Nibha Rani Roy, Neelambaran A, Rupsa Ray, Siddharthan Sundaram, Subramanian Sundararaman, Shirish Khare, K.A. Shaji, Greeshma Justin John, Gunavathi, N. Sandhyarani, Namita Waikar, Jasvir Samar, Chandan Dey, R Semmalar, Siddharth Chakrabarti, Debasmita Bhowmik, Uma Maheshwari, Byju V, Naren Hoovinakatte, Nihar Acharya, Pallavi Malshe, David C. Vanlalfakawma, Pushpa Kandaswamy, Chandrasekar Gokulanathan, Vilasini, Chaman Lal, Jyoti Shinoli, Praveen, V. Saradha, Hemant Shah, Dakshesh Pathak, R. Vasanth, Rahul M, Akshar Thasleem, Mehdi Husain, Biswajit Ray, Karuppasamy, Chintha TK, Akash Gulankar, Ratna Bharali Talukdar, Shama Nandibetta & Kausar Saiyed.

Profiles and Photographs of present translators:



Dr Qamar Tabrez
Urdu & Hindi

Mohd. Qamar Tabrez is PARI’s Urdu and Hindi translator since 2015. He is a Delhi-based journalist, the author of two books, the news editor at the Urdu daily ‘Roznama Mera Watan’, and associated with newspapers like ‘Rashtriya Sahara’, ‘Chauthi Duniya’ and ‘Avadhnama’. He has a degree in History from Aligarh Muslim University and a PhD from Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi.

Anand Sinha

Anand Sinha is a literature student at the University of Delhi. At PARI, he translates stories from English to Hindi. He wants to help the stories of India and its people reach out to a broader readership through his work. He enjoys films, music and food.

Team OdishaLIVE

This  is team OdishaLIVE– a dynamic digital platform and creative media and communication agency based out of Bhubaneswar. Led by Pranati Parida (4th from the left), the team has been working closely with PARI on Odia translations.

Medha Kale

Medha Kale is based in Pune and has worked in the field of women and health. She is also a translator for PARI.

Jyoti Shinoli

Jyoti Shinoli is a Mumbai-based journalist and a content coordinator at the People’s Archive of Rural India who translates her own stories into Marathi; she has previously worked with news channels like ‘Mi Marathi’ and ‘Maharashtra1’.

Chhaya Deo

Chhaya Deo is a Nashik based activist of Shixan Bazaarikaran Virodhi Manch, a group working against commercialisation of education and for quality education which is a constitutional right of Indian citizens. she writes and also does translation work.

Kaushal Kaloo

Kaushal Kaloo is a student of Institute of Chemical Technology in Mumbai and is pursuing degree in chemical engineering.

Sarbajaya Bhattacharya

Sarbajaya Bhattacharya is based out of Kolkata. She is pursuing her Ph.D from Jadavpur University. She is interested in the history of Kolkata and travel literature.


Sananda is a writer and translator from Kolkata. She is a political activist associated with Kolkata based rights organizations.


Chilka is an associate professor in History at Basanti Devi College, Kolkata, West Bengal; her area of research is visual mass media and gender. Her interests include textile, craft, painting & reading.

Shouvik Panti

Shouvik Panti is from Dhanyakuria, a small town in North 24 Pargana, West Bengal. He is now based in Kolkata. He has a master’s degree in Bangla literature and specialises in digital humanities. He loves searching for timeworn, dusty and priceless books in Kolkata’s famous College Street book stalls.


Rupsa is a journalist in Kolkata. She is interested in issues related to labour, migration and communalism. She loves reading and travelling.

Smita Khator

Smita Khator is from Kolkata. She is interested in women’s issues. She is a keen observer of everyday lives of common city dwellers who have migrated from villages and small towns in search of livelihoods. Apart from translating stories from English to Bengali,she handles the translations operations of the PARI website.

Pankaj Das

A poet  cum reporter during his University days while pursuing his Masters’ with specialization in ‘Rural Communication’; Pankaj Das started his early career in ‘Assam Science Society’ writing science projects and coordinating mobile science programs. Co-founder of the Assamese news portal; he has been translating articles and web content since 2011. He has a sweet tooth and he loves music, especially Sufi and rock.

T Neethirajan

T Neethirajan started his career as a journalist in 1990s with Theekathir – the official newspaper of CPI(M) in Tamil Nadu. He is also an activist. In 2011, he became the subeditor of Anaiya Venmani – a quarterly magazine published by Untouchability Eradication Front. From 2013 to 2017, he had worked as a sub editor with The Hindu Tamil. From 2017 to 2019, he was head of the journalism department in Quaide- Millet international media school. He is currently an editor with South Vision – a publication run by his wife K Krishnaveni. He has written a book on manual scavengers besides translating works of Frontline’s Viswanathan and former IAS officer P S Krishnan.

Soniya B

Soniya B, 25 years old, living in mudukulathur, Ramanathapuram district of Tamil Nadu is a graduate in psychology and sociology and currently pursuing masters in sociology. She is keen to learn about people in their respective settings. She is in love with nature and tries to conserve it in whatever possible way. Zero waste living and self subsistence living are her life goals.


Gunavathi is a Chennai based journalist interested in many issues including emancipation of women, rural & caste issues. When she is not writing, Gunavathi sings. She is a professional singer having participated in shows on Tamil entertainment channels and has also lent her voice for some jingles.

Neelambaran A

A post graduate in engineering with thirteen years of teaching experience in engineering colleges. Presently working as Journalist with NewsClick with interest in rural agrarian issues, labour and environmental issues.

Kavitha Muralidharan

Kavitha Muralidharan is a Chennai-based independent journalist and translator. She was earlier the editor of 'India Today' (Tamil) and prior to that headed the reporting section of 'The Hindu' (Tamil). She is a PARI volunteer.

Shailaja GP

Shailaja is an author and translator of Kannada language. She has translated Khalid Hussain’s ‘The Kite Runner’ and Francis Buchanan’s ‘A Journey from Madras through the Countries of Mysore Canara and Malabar’ to Kannada. Many of her articles about various social issues including gender equality, women empowerment have been published in print media. Shailaja is also contributing as a translator for NGOs like Point of View, Helpage India and National Federation of the Blind.

Prasad Naik

Prasad Naik is a columnist and writer based in Gurugram, Haryana. His debut Africa Travelogue ‘Hi Angola’ is published in Kannada and he is currently coordinating the Kannada team of translators for PARI. He is also an artist who loves to doodle apart from his love for reading and travelling.

Nihar Acharya

Nihar is a literary person with a flair for languages. He is an aspiring student of creative literature, interested in the art of story-telling and poetic expressions. He likes to contribute towards a better world through his small efforts in writing. Translation to him is a necessity – necessity for the nourishment and health of a language, for fresher perspectives.

Mehdi Hussain

Mehdi is an Ahmedabad based writer and translator, who works across Gujarati, Urdu and English languages. He has studied Persian and Urdu, and he is affiliated with Meher Library and Jafari Seminary. He also works as the editor-in-chief of Prasann Prabahat - an e-magazine on current affairs. Translation to him is giving back to the society, a contribution in an individual capacity for the collectivity.

Dhara Joshi

Dhara is a translator, whose journey started as a language student, and later as a teacher, before she took up freelance translations for various organisations. She lives in Ahmedabad and loves the city. She loves to teach and she brings translations to her teaching to create an opportunity to know more about people, cultures and places. Translation to her is an opportunity to be one with people, who are different and transcend barriers that separate us.

Kausar Saiyed

Kausar is an Urdu poet, localization specialist and a translator, working across Gujarati, Hindi, Urdu and English languages. She works as a Translator and Localization Specialist in Bay Area, and is a student homeopath of the School of Homeopathy, UK. Translation to her is the connection, the exchange of word-energy from one language to another.

Pratishtha Pandya

Pratishtha is a published poet and translator. She works across Gujarati and English. She is also a faculty at Ahmedabad University teaching courses in communication, literature, and education. Her research is interested in higher education policy, privatization, and humanities education in India. Translation to her is joy! Joy of stretching the boundaries of language, thought, and creativity.