On #InternationalTranslationDay, a note from our Translators – #Bengali #বাংলা

On International Translation Day, September 30, 2017, we bring you PARI’s translators and their thoughts on translation.

Smita Khator is from Kolkata. She is interested in women’s issues. She is a keen observer of everyday lives of common city dwellers who have migrated from villages and small towns in search of livelihoods. Smita translates PARI stories from English to Bengali. She also reviews Bengali translations from other volunteers.

Smita Khator, Translator, Bengali

Smita says: Being a student of Comparative Literature, l have had the opportunity to gather knowledge about cultures and wisdom from across the world through world literature in translation. I believe that translation is an unique science and art that builds bridges across nations, histories and civilizations. Being a translator helps me become a small part of the one great organism of world culture. Today, PARI gives me an opportunity to build bridges across many of the cultures that make India.


Village women, Rajmangal river, Sundarbans

Some of Smita’s translated stories:

From river to plate: the journey of the Sundarbans tiger prawn by Urvashi Sarkar

নদী থেকে গৃহস্থের পাত : সুন্দরবনের বাগদা চিংড়ির যাত্রা


The last hurrah of the prati sarkar  by P. Sainath  প্রতি সরকারকে শেষ সেলাম

Gopal Gandhi speaking on 7 June 2017 at the program to honour freedom fighters at Kundal in Sangli, the seat of the prati sarkar



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