P. Sainath on digital age and rural India

P. Sainath on digital age and rural India

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Udupi: India is losing its rich cultural heritage says Palagummi Sainath

“”We fought for freedom and independence, but achieved only independence. The average national dailies that dedicate their front page to rural India is 0.67%. In the previous year it was 0.26%. 69-70% of the rural population is non existent in media. They are completely marginalized. This kind of progress is dangerous to the country’s democracy. The first priority is Delhi and Mumbai, while Kolkatta and Chennai are next in line. Rural India is more complex as there is a lot of diversity, but few people can comprehend it.”

"Education has become commercialized and privatized.

“Hindi is not an independent language. Avani Maithili, Bojpuri’s rich culture and 1500 works of literature are clubbed into Hindi making this the most diverse nation in the world. 255 regional (tribal) languages have got destroyed in 50 years.”

“One must look beyond poverty level. Karnataka is facing a gigantic water crisis, not just a drought. There is need to understand the average ground water level and how much we are restoring it.

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